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The science of good teas.

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Loose leaf herbal teas - inspired by science
Apothecary herbs evidence based wellness

Our Roots

Longeviteas were developed by Dr. Jessica Cail, a research psychopharmacologist specializing in mind-body medicine. What started out as a holiday present for friends has now become a collection of 4 herbal blends, each a delicious and healthy fusion of science and nature.


Our teas

Each of our 4 herbal blends were created based on real scientific evidence. Each formulation (Original, Vitality, Tranquility, and Immunity) contains phytochemicals (chemicals naturally found in plants) that were selected because the (peer-reviewed) research showed a demonstrable link between them and particular effects. Because we believe wellness should work.


our mission

To create Delicious herbal teas inspired by real science,

because we believe wellness should work.

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